The Boston Celtics survived another bad third quarter in the NBA Finals, disqualifying Draymond Green and holding the ball. They have won just two of the NBA-best 18th championships.

Now the most important question in the final is, will the Warriors survive Stephen Curry's ankle injury?

Jillian Brown scored 22 of her 27 points in the first half for Boston and the Celtics beat Game 3 of the Golden State Warriors 116-100.

Curry is the red hot in this series, scoring 31 points at a rate. He has 94 points from three games, but could face a more difficult Game 4 due to an ankle injury late in the fourth quarter.

Boston has yet to lose a play-off back-to-back games, which is what it will take for the Celtics to fall in this series now.

"Our team is clearly in a position to win some games and do something special," Brown said. Another positive sign for the Celtics - in the final where the first two games split, the winner of Game 3 won the series 82.1 percent of the time.

Game 4 Friday at 9 p.m. ET at TD Garden. The Warriors have won at least one road game in each playoff series since the first round of the 2013 playoffs - they need to increase that trend to win these finals.

"It's been a tough night for all of us. I mean, we haven't been able to turn it around," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. Nothing more to say. 2-1. tomorrow we have a day to prepare for Game 4, and we'll get back to that. "C

Jason Tatum scored 26 points, including eight in the home sterling quarter where the Boston Warriors trailed 23-11. America Sports added 24 points and Al Harford added 11 points, eight rebounds and user support.

Rob Virtliams III, playing through knee pain, stole the block with 10 rebounds, fours and blocks, limiting him to polyp discussion.

With a turnover of less than 15, the Celtics improved to 14-2 this post season (they had 12 for 19 Warrior points, 19 for 33 Warriors points in Game 2).

"In Game 2, they brought us heat," said Smart, who made seven rebounds and five assists. “For us, it put a bad taste in our mouths because what we hang our hats on is the effort on the defensive end and being a physical team. It definitely woke us up a little bit.

Clay Thompson's 7-of-17 shooting (and five in 3 seconds) was his best game in the final with 25 points, and Andrew Wiggins added 18 points for Golden State.

Green, the villain of Warriors Game 2 wins, managed just two points and fouled out 4:07 to the left, and didn't come under anyone's skin enough to make a difference.