Tariq Cohen Injury: Former Bears Arabic Live Stream Video Achilles Tear during Workout

Tariq Cohen did not give up his NFL career after being released by the Bears in the 2022 NFL offseason. Despite not playing since the first month of the 2020 season, he was rehearsing for the race again in the hope of playing again.

Unfortunately, Tuesday's crash hit Cohen. He suffered a serious injury during a routine drill streamed live on Instagram Live. ESPN's Adam Shifter reports that the victim was Achilles.

Cohen was doing a drill that involved back paddling and also progressed to work to change his directional chops. Still, as he pushed down, he fell to the ground in pain and seized his right ankle.

Someone is heard constantly saying'no'after an injury. It's not clear if this is Cohen or one of his drill mates.

This injury is the rearmost blow to Cohen. The 5-6, 191-pound running back has not played since the 3rd week of the 2020 NFL season when he suffered a gash in his ACL, MCL and a tibia table fracture, which passed when the bone below the knee broke in the knee joint.

Cohen's knee injury was so severe that he'd to miss the entire 2021 season to recover from it.

After the injury, former teammates began to support Cohen.

This time a year ago, the last-place team in the AFC North was trying to find its way back into playoff contention. By the end of the season, the Bengals were a possession or two away from winning their first-ever Super Bowl

In his first news conference since Cincinnati's loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow said the postseason run will give them the confidence to make another run.

"Now, we know what it takes and we have that experience in our back pockets going forward."

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