Teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Paul George and Russell Westbrook now rival Holloway.

The Clippers and Lakers haven't competed against each other since Westbrook arrived, with the Clippers winning every game, but the rivalry still exists.

Despite their different uniforms, Westbrook and George have maintained a close relationship since their time in OKC. In a recent video, the two players can be seen brawling with other NBA players:

Paul George is seen throwing down a powerful dunk following a missed jumper from Westbrook. The Lakers point guard threw down a dunk of his own on the ensuing possession, celebrating on the baseline after the game.

The Clippers and Lakers are in two different positions right now, and that's a big reason why the two All-Stars have been seen jostling together. Still playing at an elite level, a healthy Paul George will be an All-NBA level player next season.

As for Westbrook, the Lakers would still prefer to trade him elsewhere. Potentially stuck with him, next year could be similar to last year.

All that drama aside, Westbrook was able to enjoy some scrimmage action with Paul George, Victor Oladipo and Harrison Barnes. With the NBA season now just over two months away, players are starting to ramp up their offseason workouts.