Molly McCann and Paddy Pimblett were inseparable throughout fight week and were impossible to tell apart at UFC Fight Night at London's O2 Arena.

Both Brits won their bouts on the main card of UFC London in a landslide, sending the sell-out crowd into a frenzy.

McCann scored a devastating first-round goal on Hannah Goldie. She hits Goldie with a right and then a spinning elbow. Goldie went down and McCann quickly ended the flyweight fight.

The crowd went wild as McCann celebrated his second consecutive TKO finish at the O2.

Moments later, Pimblett overcame a slow start to submit Jordan Levitt. The first round was close, with Leavitt in control and Pimblett with more dominant moves, but the second was no contest.

Pimblett caught Levitt with a knee to the head that was the beginning of the end. Not only did Pimblett quickly get Levitt's back, he blocked Levitt's right arm with his own leg.

When he sank in a rear choke, Leavitt was unable to tear Pimblett's arm from his neck and had to be forced to tap.