SAN FRANCISCO- Golden State Warriors Soldiers trainer Steve Kerr watched his platoon celebrate their 120- 110 palm over the Dallas Loners, having a 2015 flashback.

He was a novitiate trainer and his platoon had just won their ticket to the NBA Tests by punching them in the Western Conference tests. This was the morning of what would come a dynasty.

As his platoon lifted the conference final jewel on Thursday, he looked at the crowd at the Chase Center- just as he did at the Oracle Arena seven times ago- and let the moment Gomorrah.

This is the moment Soldiers reached the NBA Tests for the first time since 2019 and for the sixth time in the last eight times.

Tonight was different because we did it ahead," Kerr said." But in a different way, it was incredibly meaningful because of everything we have done organizationally over the last many times

In the last two times, everything has broken down for the Soldiers. Just two seasons agone, Golden State had the worst record in the NBA. This time last time, Clay Thompson started running again after nonstop ACL and Achilles cries.

But after the end of the 2020- 21 season, which ended after losing two play- in games, Stephen Curry issued a warning" You do not want to see us coming time."

It was another communication for us," Curry said." It was not for anyone differently. It was a communication to us to seize the occasion that came our way because we have erected up so important speed over the times,re-establishing what Soldiers basketball was each about

A big part of the Soldiers basketball reunion is the return of Thompson. When the platoon was presented with their jewel, his feelings were clear, indeed his on- court interview demanded to be docked as he plodded to hold back gashes.

I ’m happy for everyone.( but) it’s hard for Complexion not to get too agitated, ” Kerr said. “ The fight he went through to get back to this point.

Fill in some teJust an inconceivable achievement for him. For her to be a part of it, she's veritably happy again. It's nice to see."xt

Thompson played his stylish game of the series, finishing a game-high 32 points in 12- of- 25 with 8 3- pointers.

Thompson came the first player in NBA history to hit 8 3 seconds in multiple series- deciding games in his career( he hit 8 in Game 6 against Memphis Grizzlies).