Former NFL player Brendan Langley in wild fight at Newark Airport, Top News

A former NFL and current CFL player was a fighter in the wild clash at New York Airport in New Jersey.

Former Denver Broncos cornerback Brendon Langley was arrested last week on charges of hitting a United Airlines employee at Newark Liberty International Airport.

A 57-second viral video spread on Twitter on Sunday showing an unidentified employee slapping Langley, who proceeded to throw multiple punches, causing the man to fall at the check-in counter.

The video ends when the employee - his face bloody - reunites with Langley before the fight breaks out. It remains unclear what (or who) the cause of the collision, which occurred on May 19, has been confirmed by authorities.

Brendon Langley, the third-round pick of the Denver Broncos in 2017 and the current Calgary Stampede, has been arrested and charged with irritated assault.

The United Airlines hand who fought in the clashes is no longer employed by the airline. Fight after an apparent argument between Denver DB and airline hand Langley Langley inked as a wide out with the CFL platoon in February.

With the Broncos, he played 16 games in the 2017 and 18 seasons. He dived six and returned 10 births for 244 yards and one punt for six yards.