During their quest for an 18th NBA Finals Championship, the Boston Celtics provided fans with a shirt with a blank banner at Game 4.

If they had won the series against the Warriors, they would have fitted in at No. 18. What they did not consider, however, was that they would lose if they lost the trolling task to Draymond Green.

After Golden State beat Boston in Game 6 at TD Garden on Thursday night to win its fourth final in eight seasons, Green showed off his pen by adding something to the Celtics shirt on Friday.

Above the blank banner, scroll the green "Warriors" with two arrows pointing towards the empty blank slate. He added, "No!! Probably 23 with two more arrows inside the square."

Along with the nice T-shirt roast, Green spent his mornings on a receipt-filled Twitter teera as he called out people and others who were suspicious of him and his team during the Warriors' incredible playoff run.

It's clear that Green is not capturing the glory of his fourth NBA title. What is not clear is how the Celtics did not see it, although some immediately predicted how the shirts could hit back.

And after enduring the relentless crowds of Boston during the series, Green was the most likely man to seize the opportunity.

Also, his roast is right - the Celtics are talented and they could very well return to the finals next season. If they do, they may want to think further when designing their shirts.