While losing to Game 2 Memphis Grizzlies in Golden State, Drymond Green suffered a puffy eye that has not yet fully subsided.

The news that Gary Payton II will miss extended time on a fractured elbow was mainly overshadowed by his injury, but Drymond gave an injury update on Friday.

"It's okay, it's swollen. But, I mean, it's okay. It's not too painful. More than less effective," Dreammond said. Asked if his vision was affected, Drymond said, "A little bit. It's a little blurry, but it's getting better every day, so it's okay. It'll be okay tomorrow."

Drymond was further asked how his puffy eyes affected his Game 2 performance, and he said, "I just didn't play well. But I mean - I'm not an excuse. I just didn't play well.

The Warriors as a team did not play well in Game 2, and although the loss could be easily overcome through outwardly poor performances, the 1-1 series could go.

Fighters need to have this level of emergency presence in Game 3, as they have a chance to regain a series lead on a hungry Memphis Grizzlies team.

If Drymond feels good, he and the Warriors will have to sit at home again and find their footing to get back on top in this conference semi-final matchup.

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