NBA Final Game 1 is in the book! The Boston Warriors were blown away by a low-performing Jason Tatum. How should the Golden State be adjusted?

Did Jayson Tatum have the best performance of 3 for 17 in post-season history? What should the Warriors coordinate on a night when Boston can't miss from behind the three-point line?

Michael Pina I want to talk snappily about Tatum. So Tatum finished 3 for- 17. I suppose he has a great scoring performance in every series.

And Boston does not generally survive in those games because they need his scoring. He's their stylish player so far. But he filled it with 13 assists, two successions.

And the thing about Tatum's play was, it's clear to me that Golden State's protective tactics … like when he is hunting kiddies, and indeed before he is hunting kiddies, he will run a pick- and- roll with Rob Williams, and in Drymond Paint.

Drymond is n’t guarding Tatum, he’s not guarding Rob, he’s just in the makeup. He was various throughout the game.

And I suppose, when you look at the picture, like I saw the game again this morning, because I am going to write about the crime in Boston.

I allowed the most intriguing part of the game for me was how they were suitable to score so efficiently, surpassing the blitz at the end of the game.

But if you are Steve Kerr, and you've said it numerous times, are you alarmed, and if you are a Warrior, will you change what you are doing? And do you suppose Drymond needs to reduce his aggression defensively?

Especially when he is on … I know Smart hit four threes and Drymond was not watching him for these three, but Drymond helped Smart; Draymond dramatically helped close Horford.

Would Draymond be a little more traditional with its help content? I know this is Drymond and he's a talented player and he's just a free security; That’s how he defeats, so uniquely, especially when they ’re youngish.

But acclimate to what Steve Kerr does or you suppose they're just like that, okay, we are still taking everything down from tattoos and makeup from Jellen.

I mean, they only allowed, I suppose eight shots on the hem throughout the game.

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