Devin Haney came the undisputed feather light champion after winning an amicable decision against George Cabooses on ESPN at the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday autumn.

Haney (28- 0, 15 KOs) used his great poke to determine the pace of the palm with scores of 116- 112, 118- 110 and 116- 112. Now, the 23- time-old from Las Vegas owns these four 135- pound titles after an emotional performance against ESPN's No. 1 feather light.

Cabooses, 28, from Sydney, Australia, could exercise his contractual rights for an immediate rematch with Haney in Australia latterly this time. Sanctioned scorecards 116- 112, 116- 112 and 118- 110.

Round 12 Close round Since Cabooses gives a final drive, it's a formality. Honey is veritably sharp, veritably good. He won the final round and the fight. Now we see if the judges agree. 10- 9, Haney. 118- 110, Haney.

Round 5 I dare say that this is starting to be analogous to the performance of a quaint Floyd Mayweather? Haney, round after round, controls the action with his great poke and directs the stir. Cabooses has no answer yet. He just cannot get inside that poke. 10- 9, Haney. 50- 45, Haney.

Round 4 Devin Haney has now started following Jab with his right hand. George Cambyses’s eyes began to swell a little. He will have to land commodity soon to catch Hanie’s honor and change the fight. 10- 9, Haney. 40- 36, Haney.

Round 3 Strategic fight so far. Haney's poke and overall protective chops are much further than three for the composes. Haney misses him but does not pay. 10- 9, Haney. 30- 27, Haney.

Round 2 Honey continues to control the action with Jab. He's nicely changing the confines with a lead poke and this is disturbing the meter of the composes. The Unified Champion connected with a brace of sharp left hands but not enough. 10- 9, Haney. 20- 18, Haney.

Round 1 Devin Haney establishes his great poke beforehand and frequently binds George Cabooses Jr. Who’s looking for a looping right hand, the same punch that dropped Tofino Lopez in the opening round in November? 10- 9, Haney.

Round 11 Hinny uses the poke to fight the hard- charging composes, who land a many hard shots, but Hinny pays him when he misses. 10- 9, Haney. 108- 101, Haney.

Round 9 Composes has eventually won one round on this card. He’s pushing harder and breaking with a many effective shots. Haney's right eye is now swollen. The triumphs against Hanni Linares and Diaz have faded. Can Bamboos assemble? 10- 9, composes. 89- 82, Haney.

Round 8 George Cambos begins to push harder. He's dominating but his will seems to be as strong as ever. Commodity big and fast requirements to land. 10- 9, Haney. 80- 72, Haney.

Round 7 Composes' face really shows the effect of Hani's attack now. Meanwhile, Haney's face is clear. Honey dominating. 10- 9, Haney. 70- 63, Haney

Round 6 George Cabooses landed a sharp left hook but Devin Haney cleverly tied him up before he could follow- up. Cabooses' left eye is now blown and red. Haney in control partial way. 10- 9, Haney. 60- 54, Haney.

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