Boston looks stupid to the Warriors in the third, only to distinguish it in the fourth, I think, after all, if the Warriors stop it, this final will be billed as an example of how important experience is in the championship round.

This is easy to conclude because the Celtics certainly look like a good team most of the time. And yet they found themselves losing 3-2 to the Warriors, who now say to me, "I've been here before." But I'm not so sure.

I think the Celtics are just that weird. To make it so far, there can't be a team that can sway wildly from looking invincible to trying to get through high school in the same game, looking like five people. Sometimes it's in the same quarter.

This kind of instability will usually see a team eat it before this round, but the Celtics are talented at the same time. There can be no brighter example than Game 5 last night, which ended up losing 104-94 to C.

In the first quarter, Boston failed to hit a bull in the hip with a snow shovel. They went 3-5 to 0-5 and the only thing keeping them in the game was that Stef Curry's radar was off all night as he went from a 3-point range to 0-for-9.

They didn't do well in the second quarter, but eventually made a few 3 seconds and locked in enough defense to keep the Warriors from hiding above the horizon.

And then the 3rd, the quarter that was an Odyssey for them all series and most play-offs, they fought the Warriors not only to score goals, but also to get one foot in front of the other or even to breathe.

They outscored Golden State by 11, Jason Tatum with nine points and three assists and set other scores accurately on a consistent offense.

And the Warriors could do nothing. Each Golden State Occupy looks like they're trying to get a couch to walk-up to the third floor, while C's has been zipped and whipped around the ball in offense for an open-looking chain.