The Celtics are once again frustrated with their role in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Their head coach is the first guilty party to make too many complaints to officials. With less than a second left in the first quarter,

Ime Udoka was the victim of a technical foul after Robert Williams was called in for a shooting foul by Andrew Wiggins.

The foul call comes after the Warriors took possession when Steve Curry, the last player to touch the ball before it went out of bounds, set up Williams for a foul call.

Udoka said he was told "part" because he was called in technically because he was out of the coach's box.

Boston's frustration with responsibility continued into the second half. After Jordan Pool made a deep 3 in the buzzer to keep the Golden State on top despite Boston's 35-point quarter, Vodka officials had heated discussions with the Tony Brothers.

That interaction created a frustrating stage for the fourth quarter to reach a boiling point. Celtics point guard Marcus sold to Smart Warriors guard Clay Thompson, attempting an offensive foul.

No call was made and instead, Thompson buried the Warriors in a wide-open 3-pointer to start the fourth.

After the Celtics timeout, Smart was technically hit for interacting with the pool after Warriors forward Drummond Green called for a defensive foul.

When the Celtics set the ball in-bound after the foul, the smart pool fought for the position. Warriors' guard has been seen exaggerating his contact with Smart, calling Smart an offensive foul.

In the next possession the Warriors extended their lead to 10 and the Celtics did not bring their lead closer to seven for the rest of the game.Vodoka admits that he and Celtic each were guilty of being too caught up in the gameplay.

“I think it was something throughout the whole game. So necessarily only the fourth, "Udoka said." Probably something we shouldn't do so much and we've all done too much. "

Celtic forward Al Harford agreed that the team let the officers get their heads. "Yeah, not our best moment," Harford said. "As you know, I think we were able to stop these things, especially throughout the playoffs. For whatever reason tonight I think it came to us.

It's one of the things that brought us back. We were able to focus back, but we can't let it get to us. We can't let it affect our game, the way the game is being played."

We think we can control a lot. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. "