SAN FRANCISCO - A lot went to the Boston Celtics in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. For the first time, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry did not score 3 runs in the next game of the season.

After battling his shots throughout the series, Jason Tatum had a good shooting night.And, for a change, the Celtics not only destroyed the third quarter by the Warriors - but surpassed the Golden State in frame time.

But, despite all that, the feeling from the Celtics was a regret, as Boston scored five points in the first eight minutes of the fourth quarter and saw Golden State move away to win 104-94, giving the Warriors a chance to close the series at TD Garden on Thursday night. .

Of course we're a little discouraged after coming in fourth and not doing what we need to do," said Al Harford. "We felt like we had a chance, we started playing like before the game. It's definitely, you know, tough.

Our backs are against the wall. This time we looked into each other's eyes and we were able to figure it out. We have the opportunity now. It needs to be figured out. There is no tomorrow for us.

It looks like the game could be tomorrow for Boston after 5 - no matter how terribly the Celtics start the game.

When the Warriors came out of the gate like a house of fire, sending the Chase Center into a frenzy of applause with their insane game, the Celtics spent the opening minutes around the court as if it were a regular season game. Instead, 5 games in the final in February.

Turnover - Boston's post-season tail tail status - has once again nurtured their ugly heads. The Celtics promised 18 in Game 5, continuing a trend through these playoffs to go 13-2 when they have a turnover of 15 or less and now go 0-7 when they are 16 or more.

And while many of them came into the trademark Celtic fashion, Boston tossed the ball around carelessly, they too were a product of the Golden State that accelerated the Celtics and out of rhythm that Boston was so successful at maintaining at its best.