Apple has unveiled a completely new lock screen experience and new ways to share and communicate on iOS 16

Users can personalize their lock screen, keep family photos in the iCloud Shared Photo Library, remember sent messages, schedule mail, and discover more via live text and visual look-ups.

iOS 16 delivers by far the biggest update to the lock screen with new features that make it even more beautiful, personal and helpful.

CUPERTINO, California Apple is previewing iOS 16 today, delivering the biggest update ever to the lock screen, and new sharing, communication, and intelligence features that together change the way users experience the iPhone

iOS 16 has launched the iCloud Shared Photo Library to share a collection of seamless photos with family, message and mail updates that help users stay in touch easily and powerful enhancements to live text and visual look-ups.

"IOS 16 is a big release with an update that will change the look of your iPhone," said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering.

We re-imagined how the lock screen looks and works with exciting new features that make it more personal and helpful, introduced the iCloud Shared Photo Library for the family,

Streamlined communication with new capabilities in messages and mails, and improved with live text and updates. I have used intelligence. Visual look up.

The lock screen becomes more personal, beautiful and helpful with iOS 16. With a new multilevel effect, the subjects of the photos are artistically set in front of the time on the lock screen, creating a feeling of depth.

Users can also change the look of the date and time with expressive typing style and color choices.

The lock screen has widgets that draw inspiration from the complexity of the Apple Watch, which makes it easy to get information at a glance, such as upcoming calendar events, weather, battery levels, alarms, time zones, activity ring progress, and more.