The 49ers didn't show up in Las Vegas, but they escaped with a 37-34 overtime win thanks to a late turnover by Raiders QB Jarrett Stidham.

It sounds like a 49ers home game on the opening kickoff. - Ouch. 49ers rookie WR Tay Martin, off the practice squad for just the second time in his career, was offside on the opening kickoff. It's a small mistake that can annoy riders.

- Las Vegas is killing the 49ers with short throws and screens on their first drive. San Francisco's DL is being overly aggressive.

- Touchdown Raiders to open the game. The 49ers defense was characteristically undisciplined throughout that series.

Talanoa Huffanga made a bad catch on play action on third-and-short and it turned into an easy TD pass to Darren Waller to Jarrett Stidham. This was as bad a defense as San Francisco has seen in a long time.

It will be interesting to see how Brock Purdy does at running back. Seven points is the biggest deficit he has faced.

– Nice job by Purdy to create a first down on a play where Star Raider D Max Crosby is unblocked. Purdy found Kittle outside the sticks after scrambling to the right.

- Christian McCaffrey is getting what he wants. He ripped off a 37-yard run to put the 49ers up 1. He has 53 yards on three carries. This 49ers offensive line is a wide open hole.

- Bang. Purdy hits Brandon Ayuk on a play action from the 2. Easy pitch and catch and it's all tied at 7. Ayuk was wide open. - The 49ers defense didn't come out to play. On the Raiders' second drive, they caught fire again.